The Document resource contains the following data:

  "id": "ced658d3-3f42-4424-b4d2-8b670eb65310",
  "name": "Location_Assignment_A0011.png",
  "externalAttributes": {
    "documentType": "location"
  "content": {
    "url": "",
    "contentType": "link"
  "filename": "Location_Assignment_A0011.png",
  "mimeType": "image/png",
  "owner": {
    "uuid": "4a7f4c3d-09bd-4f5b-ac0f-e93008e98d93",
    "entityType": "actor",
    "associationType": "reference"


The externalAttributes.documentType can be one of the following values:

  • location
  • weigh_measurement
  • unknown

Document sharing

At this moment, it's only possible to submit & retrieve documents using the content.contentType == link. Raw data cannot be shared using the API endpoints.

The documents are valid for a limited time, at this moment it is 30 minutes after you retrieved the publicly shared URL.

Background processing

When you create a document via the API, we will load the document in the background. This way we minimize the API response time.


Parameter Type Description
id string Uuid of document
name string Name of document
externalAttribute array
externalAttribute.documentType string Type of Document in viaTYGO
Possible options: Location, weigh_measurement, unknown
content array
content.url string The url link to the document
Must be public
content.contentType string Type of content
possible options: link
filename string Name of File
mimeType string Mime type of file
possible options: image/PNG, image/JPG, image/JPEG, application/PDF
owner array
owner.uuid string uuid of the file uploader