viaTYGO will send a webhook to your system when specific events happen in viaTYGO. This way, we can reduce the number of requests between the systems and the server load.

After you receive the webhook, you can send an API request to the specific endpoint to request the latest information about the resource.


  • uri: your configured endpoint
  • method: POST
  • data: reference to the specific object + event status

Company based

We will send a webhook to the provided endpoint for the company-based endpoints. Based on the resource type, the given data may differ.

Transport order

When an assignment is updated, for example, on the status change, we will send the following information to the webhook endpoint you provided.

    "object_type": "TransportOrder",
    "object_id": "81bac5f4-ad78-4db8-b3ed-457c2271ca49",
    "event": "accepted"

All possible events are:

  • created
  • accepted
  • rejected
  • cancelled
  • place_accepted
  • placed
  • pick_accepted
  • picked
  • done
  • document_created
  • document_updated
  • document_deleted

Authorized systems

As an authorized system, we will send a webhook regarding the account status of a company.